March 14, 2012

Seed Factory Nursery Launch & Awesome Stroller

Saturday Mister, Peyton and I headed to the Seed Factory for the nursery launch.  If you live in Atlanta you must visit the Seed Factory.  They keep the latest in children's fashion, toys and the most awesome interiors for their rooms.  I expected nothing less of the new nursery section at the Seed Factory.

The nursery section gives you a peaceful, comfortable and organic feeling when you walk in.  Unlike the chaos when you walk in the large baby superstores. 

Plenty of Dwell Studio bedding and baby care items.

I am in love with this toddler set!  Peyton was too!  We need to transition her into a toddler bed like yesterday!

Check out this "space age" bouncer!  This thing was like a baby roller coaster!

The cute and sweet Joni of Lay Baby Lay was a co-host of the event.  Lay Baby Lay is an awesome blog that I wish was around when I was trying to figure out what to do in Peyton's room!  I would love for her to work her magic when transitioning Peyton's room.

Joni put together inspiration boards for the different looks in the nursery.

Check out this pimped out stroller!  The Origami stroller from 4 Moms makes you want to have another baby!  Did you peep the lights???!!!

Yes, there is a dashboard!  It tells you the temperature, distance and a bunch of other stuff!  The stroller uses the power from pushing to recharge!  But wait... There's more!
It folds down with a touch of a button!  Right before my eyes this thing just went down!  It goes back up too!  When I was doing my registry, I remember crying in a baby superstore because I could not get the strollers back up after folding them down.  I thought I would never be able to leave the house.  For everything this stroller can do, you will be surprised at the price!  It was only a little more then our current stroller.  Seed Factory was also offering 20% off all nursery products that day so it would have been a steal!

Make sure you visit the Seed Factory.  They are located at 1170 Howell Mill Rd,  Atlanta.  Expecting moms can set up a registry to get everything they need for baby.  Don't forget to check out Lay Baby Lay for design tips and inspiration!

A great, sturdy crib was on my number one on my list.  What is/ was important to you for your babies nursery?

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.  Opinions are my own.


  1. Love the colors of the items shown on the shelves!:)

  2. IF I have another, I will be visitng here! I love the nursery sets!
    And transition to the toddler bed. Pookah is in his, and we are slowly slowly sleeping through the night almost every night in HIS bed. NOT ours!!!

  3. Wow, what a fantastic shop! I love Dwell Studio bedding. As big as Madison is she's still in her crib - a work in progress! That stroller is sick!

  4. Decorating my nursery now so love seeing this! Peyton is adorable :)

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  5. I think I am done with babies but I will send my friend there she is having a baby in July and she is lost.

  6. So great to meet you, Trina! Love the write up. Peyton is an absolute doll!!

  7. Wow, so cool!!!! And I am loving your top...please do share where you scored it! I, yes ME, have been asked to model this weekend, for ladies with curves and I have NO clue what to wear. But I am loving your a sister out!

  8. I think I might be in love with that stroller. I don't have a need for one... but if I did.... oh boy!!!! lol

  9. I am def going to have to check this place out. Isn't the MamaRoo amazeballs???? (thats the "space age" bouncer). It is def a MUST HAVE item on my registry! hahaha

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  11. I love this store and that toddler bed!

  12. I love that store already, but I don't live in ATL. They have the cutest things. And the stroller folds by the touch of button? So, cool! Great items for the little ones. I've been checking out things for kids rooms lately. There are so many great items. Love it!

  13. A great crib & stroller is very important to me.

    Mrs. Delightful

  14. That stuff is tooo cute! Makes me wish I had a little one... *staring off into the distance* lol


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