May 5, 2011

Peyton is Rollin!

Peyton is now riding in her pimped out convertible car seat.  She should have been in it a few months ago because she is so big!  She is rolling in the Britax Advocate 70 CS.

Mister and My mother need a car seat for Peyton.  The pimped out seat stays in my car.  While in Target I saw they had Cosco convertible seats on sale for $35!  So I got two! 

These seats had decent reviews I figured it will work for Peyton since she won't be riding in them full time. 

We also grabbed these cute items!

The romper was $6, shorts $4.50 and Beatles onesie was $3.50!  Cute play clothes!

I think Target is now my go to spot for baby gear!  I got this jogging stroller back in January.  Where do you find the best deals on Baby Gear?


  1. Yay for the Britax. I actually got ordered C's Britax car seat yesterday. Our babies are getting so big :( And yes I totally agree with you about Target being the spot to buy baby stuff. Love it!

  2. Britax is great, Madi has the Britax Boulevard, it's so big! I love Target and Costco, best deals on clothes for daycare and MyGym.

  3. Thanks for the schooling! These look like quality seats! I love Target too! Target and Baby Gap are my favorite to get my niece's clothes.


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