May 13, 2011

H&M One Dollar Holla!

We hit up H & M on Saturday and they had a pretty decent clearance going on.

This shirt was $1!  This is going to be added to Peyton's fall collection.
This Maxi dress wasn't on sale but was $4.95!  I can't wait for her to wear it!

This hat was $1! 

I wanted this hat last year and it was like $10.  How cute is this with the bow on the ear! As you can see it was $3.


  1. These are the days I'm ready to start "trying for a girl" LOL! How CUTE is that hat? LOVE it. And I am dying over the maxi too - perfect!!

    :) Hope y'all are having a fabulous Thursday!

  2. I want that Maxi for me!

  3. Shut your yap!! I can't believe that skirt was a $1!! I wish we had an H&M here!!

  4. Super cute finds Trina!!! STOP THE PRESS!!! :)

  5. I've been hearing great things about H&Ms kids selection but have yet to get there :-( Are the boys stuff just as cute!

  6. The boy stuff is just as Fly! Like little men clothes : )

  7. omg that hat is just too adorable!! xo


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