May 31, 2011

Mama Getting Her DIY On!

I know Peyton's Birthday is a Month away but I an like to get started early so I don't get overwhelmed. 

Here are some things I am working on for the Party.

Cupcake Toppers.  Here is my inspiration.

The colors for the Party are similar but a different pattern.

Banner:  Thank God for Blogs!  I found this one here.  Looks pretty simple.

I think I am going to go with this invitation below. Its from Etsy and the colors will be changed.
Have you done any DIY for your kids Birthday? 


  1. she is going to have a fabulous party

  2. Love the butterflies, check out, and for inspiration. I used andersruff for Crystal's graduation party last week and will probably use them for Madi's 2nd birthday.

    You're good, I started planning Madison's 1st birthday party 6 months in advance, ha! I love Etsy and very minimal diy stuff! I'm already thinking about her 2nd birthday party which is 3 months away.

  3. All of my son's bday parties were DIY. He loved them all! If you are into planning, decorating, etc...DIY's can be a blast. I recall making his invitations on the computer one year. It had his pic on it and everything :). Summer bdays are great cause you have so many options. His bday is june 29 so his parties were all great, unfortunately reagan's is jan. 28 :(


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