May 25, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic!

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How much is too much???  My closet has gotten out of control. 

Yeah, there is more under those shopping bags!  A few new boxes stacked up and to the right....

Can you believe I also share this closet with Mister!!!  You don't even notice his section when you walk in.  He is not allowed to go past his section.  I think he needs to get the boot because I could use the space!

Not to many on the top, those are ones I plan to get to that have only be worn once or new....
I finally went thru clothes and shoes.  I have not done this for almost 2 years!  Being pregnant and not knowing what I would be able to wear in when makes it difficult to purge.

I found several pairs of shoes that were never worn or only worn once!

These are one of may favorite pair!!!  These are linen with a painted silver bottom! I don't think it would be cool to touture myself trying to rock them.

I have several more that I can part with.  I used to wear 7, now I am a 7.5!  Not too bad!

So if you wear a 7 and see something you really like... Holla at cha gurl!  I plan on putting them up on Ebay soon.  BTW,  Ebay is a great place to sell gently worn shoes!  Because I don't spend too much on them I can almost make the money back to buy new ones.

All proceeds will go to The Peyton Renee 1st Birthday Fund!


  1. Your closet looks like heaven. Can you magically change those shoes into an 8.5? Ok thanks!

  2. Right...can you work some magic and turn them into 8.5s

  3. your closet looks just like mine!

  4. I love that you shared this! Makes me feel better about my closet! Wish we wore the same size shoes, I have huge feet size 9 so I can't fit in any of those cute shoes!!

  5. Love the linen shoes!

  6. Love your shoes !!
    Follow me i follow you back ;-)
    Kiss from France !!!

  7. I understand your pain I just went through and got rid of a lot of shoes I had a goal of only holding onto 40 pairs of shoes and that includes all the flip flops I have and if I bring something in I have to let it far it's working.

  8. Omg love the linen w/ silver bottoms! And my closet is OOC too! :)

  9. OMG - I am sort of jelly of your shoe collection! Wowzers!

  10. I'm a 7! Can you let us know when you list on ebay?


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