May 24, 2011

Party of the Year and Instant Summer Wardrobe!

Peyton's first Birthday is fast approaching! I am already stressing!

Last weekend I took Peyton to Addison's (Lipgloss and Binky) 1st Birthday Party! Mama is a photographer and check out these amazing pictures.

Awesome Right!  Go to Lipgloss and Binky to view more photos.
There are so many details for a kids party!
So I have come up with a theme: Butterflies!!! Not sure why but that's what it's going to be.  Mama also has 5 Butterfly tattoos... don't tell! I just thought it would be cute.  Here is an inspiration board I found on the web.

What do you think???  I need some ideas!
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  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! Peyton is adorable and I can't wait to see how you plan her birthday, it will be fabulous!

  2. I love the butterfly theme. have you ever been to the website they have fabulous ideas for all kinds of parties

  3. How stinking cute is Addison !!!!!!!!!! Ond I love butterflies! Im sure her party will be amazing!

  4. Addison is SUPER cute! I love that cupcake stand, too.

    I make diaper cakes for baby showers and have posted my latest one on my blog today! So stop by if you get a chance!

  5. These pics are nice! I love the idea of butterflies. There is so much you can do for details. You can have cake in the shape of a butterfly, wrapping paper with the theme, Goodie bags and balloons, etc! No matter what you do.. it will be fab!

    Sounds fun! I love the pics on Lipgloss an Binky website! Cute!

  6. Those pictures could not be any cuter and more precious! Love them! Mimi really does her thang when it comes to taking pictures, right?

    I like the butterfly theme and if I had a girl, I would definitely have a butterfly-themed party. There's so much you can do with it -- definitely a winner!

  7. Such a fun party; great inspiration! thanks for finding me, you have a great blog too!!! following!!!


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