May 9, 2011

Peyton Weekend Style and Baby on the Go!

Hope Everyone had a great Mother's Day!  Mister made mine 1st one very special!  Thanks Mister!

Be sure to check out my Baby on the Go Items on So Family!

Saturday we headed out for stir-fry!

So we finally got outside (the porch) to take some pictures.  Peyton is wearing pink capris and floral top both from Old Navy.  Can't remember the price of top but the pants were about $3.  Shoes are from Payless.

Peyton is on point with the colored pants.

On Mother's Day Peyton sported this to brunch.

Romper with strawberry is from Target, $6 and sweater from target also $3.  Shoes from Payless.

I love this color and apparently the celebs do to. 

Did you do anything special for Mother's Day?


  1. Love her!!! Peyton is absolutely adorable!!!!!! So precious!!!!

  2. Love these pics! Mister looks happy too!

  3. oh my goodness your daughter is adorable! And love that pic of Kourtney!!

  4. Peyton looks so cute, glad you enjoyed your Mommy's day!

  5. Peyton looks so cute :-) xoxo

  6. She is a living doll. Are those baby sunglasses on her? OMgoodness. I almost spit out my coffee.

    You have a beautiful family!

  7. She seemed very excited to be outside. Great pics! Had a blast on Mother's day. Spent it in Chicago.

  8. Could she be any cuter???

  9. I'm always one for a deal! I got my daughter 2 rompers like that from target. I couldn't resist them. I wanted that pink one but the largest size was 12 months. That's a tad too small for my 18 month old lol.

    Your daughter is adorable! Reminds me of my jasmine a few months back :)

  10. She is soooo incredibly cute!!!! And baby has style...go on with her bad self. Unfortanately my daughter isn't too enthralled with clothes as she likes whatever goes with her shoes...she has been obsessed with shoes since about 6 months and she is relentless when we go shopping. She is one now so I can only imagine how she will be when she is a teenager. Hopefully we will wear the same size so I can sneak in her closet;)


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