June 1, 2011

A Beautiful Life: I Heart My...

Hi everyone, it is Jill from A Beautiful Life. Today I have the pleasure of guest posting for the beautiful and stylish Trina in her "I heart my" series. Since school is out and it is almost officially summer, I thought I would put a summer twist on this post. Here is what I heart...
1. Summers... Once summer rolls around, things quiet down around our house. No school, homework, sports, dance, meetings, na-da! I spend most of my time poolside.

I am fortunate enough to be able to spend July in Michigan on the Lake.  My in-laws live in Michigan half the year, which works out perfectly for me.  Right about the time it is miserably hot in St. Louis I head north to Holland and just relax and do nothing but play on the beach with my kids.

With summer comes the summer cocktails...

Grilling the best turkey burgers I have ever had in my entire life...

And my daily caprese salads.

2. Summer Hair.

I have long hair and I rarely have it down from May through October, it is just way too hot. This is when I have what I call "summer hair." Summer hair is just when I put my hair up in some type of bun or up do. I am always coming up with different styles to keep my hair up and off my neck and back. I love to add a braid or a twist to my summer hair. There is just something about having dinner outside on a warm summer night with my hair up in a messy bun...love it...
This one really is my hair!!!

3. Eva Gordon Plates

I do not own her plates (yet) but I think these are the most exquisite plates I have ever laid eyes on
Her attention to detail is amazing, these plates are so unique and definitely a show stopper. These would look amazing hanging on my kitchen wall. These plates just make me think of summer.

They are hard to find and will empty your wallet, but just think of the beautiful work of art you will own.
Well that's it for me today. I could go on and on about things of mine that I heart, but I must show a little restraint. Thanks Trina for having me!
Thanks Jill!  P and I plan on lounging poolside a lot this summer!  Oh, can I have your hair at the end of the summer???  I am Jello!


  1. Great post! I can't wait for summer to officially start! Although, probably not a lot of time poolside for me, that is ok! Baby will be here! And I can't wait to grill out and have a summer cocktail! (after baby is here, of course!) I wear my hair back a lot too. It was really long but I just got it cut, so I dont know how good a bun would look!! :( Should have thought about that before I cut! Those plates are gorg! I love looking at china and party plates! So fun!

  2. Great list Jill!! There is nothing I love more than lounging by the pool, eating caprese salads and drinking fun drinks! Wish you could teach me how to style my hair like that!!

  3. We love Jill! And I love summer braids :) Your summer sounds amazinggggggg!

  4. Bring on summer!

    I can't wait to try those turkey burgers and fun braids in my hair. Think I'll go experiment right now!

    Great post, Jill!

  5. Your hair looked so awesome that way. I love your list! I love everything on it and those watermelon cocktails look yum. I need to do a summer "Obsessions" list too. :-)

  6. Summer obsessions are awesome including longer daylight...amazing fruits like watermelons and pineapples..summer vacations and longlazyweekends...love them all...

  7. Thanks for having me, it was really fun to do my "i heart my" post!!

  8. Summer? Yes please! And? love your hair. I may try that (and subsequently screw it up...)

  9. Love the summer! Great post and I love your hair in that pic!!

  10. I heart michigan too! We spend time up in northern michigan and love it!

  11. Love this post! Yay for loving Michigan! That's where I am from :] How do you make your caprese salads? Also those summer hair inspirations are gorgeous! I honestly wish that I was talented enough to be able to do this. Definitely think I might have to work on this.



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