February 10, 2011

Hot Mama to Be!

I want you guys to meet this fabulous mama to be K.D from the Hair Gurl. and Ex Thrift Store Snob.

She is 6 months preggers and keeping it fly.

4 Months

5 Months

6 months
How cute is K.D!  I wish I looked like that now let alone at 6 months : )  I wanted to post about her on the blog because of her non-traditional preggers style.  Here is what she had to say about her baby bump style...
My advice for a mom-to-be would be just to find clothes that are cute, comfortable, and exude your personal style. These clothes can be in your closet or at a store. The only difference between me now and before I was pregnant is that I absolutely must be 100% comfortable no matter what I wear. That doesn't mean that I wear yoga pants every day. I love to wear dresses so that's what I wear the most. So far I've only bought one maternity dress and it was from Burlington Coat Factory. They have a lot of cute maternity dresses for under $15! If you like wearing skinny jeans, find some cute, comfortable maternity skinny jeans, and so on. Your style doesn't have to change just because you're pregnant. Just your size! :-)
Thanks for sharing!  Check K.D out at Hair Gurl to see her journey to natural hair and motherhood!

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  1. she is too cute! Wish I looked that tiny at 6 months!!


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