February 8, 2011

Fab Finds at Walmart

Check out what we got at Walmart!

This is the Walmart Garanimals line. These outfits are too cute. Each piece is $3.50. I love those yellow pants, they are actually capris!

I love that green.  I think we might match it up with the yellow.  Or will she look like a Sprite can?
This is actually a peachy color, so cute!  Can't wait till it gets warm.

Walmart is stepping there game up!  Love these little clothes!

Do you ever look at clothes while at Walmart?  Kids or Adult?


  1. Love those green jeans! And I think yellow will be hot! I do look at clothes at Walmart... especially for my niece. I may get those green pants for!

  2. Shut your mouth! I can't believe those are from Walmart! Too cute!

  3. I LOVE granimals! Seriously, they are so cheap and great! My favorite part? They fit my chunky monkeys belly! We have such a hard time finding pants that work on her because of the buddha belly. I just got a spring cardigan at walmart for $3 marked down from $7! LOVE!

  4. I'm coming shopping with you!lol Girls always find easy scores :-( Love those green jeans though


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