February 14, 2011

V-Day Weekend Style

Hope you had a great weekend and hope that you are enjoying Baby Fashion Week!

So Peyton went out Friday night! To show support at a talent show.

The blue jean dress w/ built in sleeves is from Old Navy $7, tights from Walmart $3, shoes from Payless $4.

Rihanna wearing her jean dress but I think she is mad because she doesn't look as good as P!

Peyton is showing some Valentine spirit on Saturday. 

This is the T-shirt I got last week at Old Navy for $4, with a long sleeve onsie under, jeans Old Navy $10.  Shoes from Payless for $5. We had a little Payless shopping spree last week.  I will tell yall about that later.

Peyton was tired from all the partying and keep it low key on Sunday with Old Navy hoody, a gift.  Jeggings from Walmart $3.50 and Chucks that Mister bought for Christmas.

Looks like Vanessa and Zac had a long weekend also.

What are your plans for Valentines Day!


  1. Peyton is looking tooo cute in all three oufits! Her hair is getting longer I see. Looks great with the red bow headband!

  2. So darn cute!!! I adore her little shoes and that BOW! Can't stand all the cute!


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