February 15, 2011


We had a mini shopping spree at Payless.  I have never been a Payless shopper because I thought it was full of overpriced flip flops and fake Adidas's.  Now I have learned different.  Payless has it going on!  I saw the commercials and they keep talking about BOGO.  So I went.  Come to find out, BOGO is not every day, it is a sale event so you have to wait for it to start again.

So I finally caught it! 
I call this a Shoe-a-cide because Peyton is going to be killing them with this shoes!  I spent a total of $26 for all 4 pair.  I wish I could get 4 pairs of shoes for that much.

I love these faux snake skin Mary Jane's.

I thought these look like mini Tory Burch flats.  So cute. Now mama needs to step her shoe game up!

Have you been in Payless lately? What do you think about the shoes?

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  1. Very cute shoes!! I can't wait to see the outfits you pair the shoes up with. Peyton is going to be stylin and profilin!!!


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