February 16, 2011

Baby Fashion Week: First Lady O

The final look for Baby Fashion Week is First Lady O!

I am obsessed with the 1st Lady! I figure Peyton will be the future first lady, so might as well start dressing like it : ) I love that Lady O wears American designers that we can all get our hands on if it's not sold out in 10 sec like the J Crew cardigan that she is wearing.


Lady O is setting a new trends and taking risk in the White House.  I love her for that!

Here are a few more of my NY Fashion week favs.

Tracy Reese, I luv her.  I can so see me in this.

Marc Jacobs, LUV!

That wraps up Baby Fashion Week!  My goal was to show you what is new for the season for babies and where you could get it. I would like to get your feed back on the Baby Fashion Week. So please tell me what you think!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelle's style! Great way to end! I really want that Marc Jacobs look...Where would I wear it?

  2. I feel you Rhonda! We need to find some where to go to rock that! We could go to the Cheesecake Factory! LOL


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