February 2, 2011

Check Me Out! Party Edition

Sunday was one of my BFF's daughter Lexi's 2nd birthday party!  We partied like it was 1999 at Chuck E Cheese.  Here are a couple of pics of some of the little cuties that were in attendance.

Here is the birthday girl! 

Not too interested in modeling, she wanted to ride the horse.  Lexi looked fresh and ready to party in this beautiful light yellow and grey dress with gray patent leather shoes. 

Big Bro Dillon was there to party.  He was sporting his "varsity" sweater with some new kicks.

Ok, I want to eat this baby!  He is so sweet.  Deven was getting in on the action sporting this layered look.

Here is the party animal!  Good thing they had those party hats, it covered up her left over pony tail.

 I love this picture!  That's my girl!

What are some of the things you plan to do or have done for your childs birthday?


  1. They're all cuties!! My bff had her daughter's 2nd bday at Chuckie Cheese and it was miserable so glad they had a good time (Saturday is not the day to go here). We had a carnival theme for my little guy's 1st bday this year we'll probably keep it quiet and go somewhere for his 2nd.

  2. We had a blast at chuck e cheese. Dillon was good and tired when we left. For Dillon's 2nd b'day, we played it real liw key since I was 9 months pregnant with Deven and felt like I was about to pop. However, this year will be Deven's 1st b'day and Dillon's 3rd b'day (they are 9 days apart), so we will probably do something kinda big to celebrate both birthdays. We went to Monkey Joe's for Dillon's first b'day, so I need to think about what we can do for Deven. I'm open to suggestions. The only problem I have is our friends children are of varying ages 1-12 YO. So to find an event that is cool for everyone is a little hard. Any suggestions out there?

  3. My FAVORITE colors are yellow and grey!! Too cute! And seriously? That last picture...adorable! Moments like that made all the weight gain and cankles better for me :)

  4. Going to chuck e cheese for Makenzi's 2nd bday next month! I hope she isn't scared of it! Can't wait til I have my own! Hahaha! Anyhow, that pic of you and Peyton is awesome!


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