February 4, 2013

Mini Valentine's Day Style

Dude!  The year just started and we are already celebrating Valentine's Day!  We have to make sure the kids are ready so I found some cute pieces to get in the Valentine's Day spirit!  Even for boys!

Top L to R: Pink Plaid Shirt/ Heart U Sweater/ 2 in 1 Shirt
Bottom L to R: Heart Throb/ Mum Dad Set/ I Love Dad Shirt
Top L to R: Peplum Sweater/ Heart Hoodie / I Love Mommy Tee
Bottom L to R: Heart Skinny JeansBig Heart SweaterHeart Dress

Cute stuff huh?  The pink plaid and heart throb shirt for the boys are my fave!  Peyton must have those heart print skinny jeans!  I think she can wear them beyond Valentine's Day.  What will your mini Valentine be rocking for V-Day?  Which item is your fave?


  1. you always make me wish i had a little girl even though i dont want a child lol. xx

  2. those heart jeans are very cute. I usually get jas something themed to wear on valentines day. I'm not sure what it will be this year but thats plaid shirt looks like a Go! I might go find one lol

  3. Who are you telling and before we know it, you'll be doing a summer edition!

    Those heart jeans squeeze my heart!! Paired with that I love my mommy shirt! Ahh, I need a mini-me!!


  4. I cannot believe the valentines day is next week!! I need to start thinking about little gifts for everyone!!

  5. Love this post!! It's harder for boys but you got some great picks.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  6. Love this post and everything in it. I have been looking at those Toms for awhile for my niece but my sister says it doesnt go with anything she has. lol

  7. My little niece has those heart Toms, they are so cute. I also love the heart shaped peblum. GORG!


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