February 18, 2013

Life is But a Dream - Beyonce!

Who watched Beyonce's documentary on HBO on Saturday?  The Oprah interview?  *Raises both hands*.  Do you know I had Mister add HBO to our package so I could watch it!  Peyton says "My Beyonce" and then asked me who Oprah was.  I had to school her real quick! LOL!  Since Beyonce has been so private I could not wait to see what she shared!  

I thought the documentary was beyond awesome!  I was so happy to see Blue Ivy!  That baby is so cute and looks just like Bey!  Seriously, I would be freaking out if Beyonce was my mother!

I was really surprised at how much she shared with the world after being so private after all these years.  She shared that she had a miscarriage a few years ago after hearing the baby's heart beat!  I could not imagine!  Even though she is a mega star she is still HUMAN and a woman just like us!  She said she was hurt after people accused her of not being pregnant and using a surrogate.  I thought that was one of the most ridiculous rumors ever.  Folks need to get a LIFE!

She let us in on her and Jay Z's relationship!  The little bit she showed us you can tell they are so much in love!  When that showed that clip of his birthday in 2006 when she was doing that toast to him... I swore she was going to get down on one knee propose to Jay!

For all those that say Beyonce is not "smart", I really beg to differ!  She is a business woman and doesn't take any junk from nobody!  She said you can not be polite in business!  She said you end up hurting herself.  I can agree!  She is very hands on with her stage production, audio and dancers!  For the people that say she is not smart or should not talk I think they need to have a seat!  I think Beyonce get nervous on interviews.  She was really nervous when she sat down with Oprah.  I am a very outgoing person but if you stick a camera in my face or a microphone I sound like I have never spoke two words in my life!  IJS...

I really feel like I am her BFF now!  Love her or hate her you have to respect her talent!  Did you watch the show?  What do you think?  Was there anything that surprised you?

Team Beehive!


  1. I can also see Jay Z in Blue Ivy's features too!
    I did not see either special, however I did read an interesting review of her special:
    I also heard a couple unflattering stories about her and her visit to Vegas for NYE. But you know what, I'm still a fan. I figure if I had the talent and discipline to be a powerful female performer constantly in the public eye, a good amount of people would think I'm bitchy and rude too.

  2. I watched both specials the one on HBO and her interview special with Oprah before it aired on HBO. I surprisingly enjoyed her interview with Oprah, she for sure seemed more “real” to me with the interview she gave with O. I loved how she opened up on both specials about her relationship with Jay Z and to hear her speak about her daughter, she was just glowing.

  3. I loved it!!! I wasn't really a big fan of Beyonce until recently. I respect how she handles her family, the amazing love she seems to have with her husband, and the documentary really bought to light how she is no different then other women. Unfortunately she has the added pressure of millions of people watching her and expecting her to be perfect. I think she's grown a lot and will continue to be an amazing mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Bey rock on!!!!

  4. I really hope that I can watch it OnDemand b/c I have HBO. I can't believe I missed it. I knew there was something I was supposed to be watching last night.

    I'm so glad Blue Ivy looks like her and not Jay Z! Is that rude to say? What a cute little girl. And no I cannot imagine if she were my mother. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. I have always said that!

  5. You can definitely tell that she gets nervous in front of the camera. I personally think that she expresses herself just fine. She talks like the average adult to me. So, I'm not sure what people are expecting. I didn't catch the documentary but I did watch her Oprah interview.

    And she made a valid point that the reason she's been so private is partly because she didn't trust herself. I could relate to that because for the longest I wanted to blog and write but I didn't trust myself to know what to put out there and what keep private and then after I had my daughter it all just kind of clicked. It was nice to see how humble she was. That's something rare in a lot of these celebrities.

  6. I loved it. Loved her before and I love her now but in a different light. Kind of like we have the same struggle seven though her bank account makes mine seem non existent

  7. I heard it was amazingXo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  8. Yeah it was a lovely show I enjoyed every moment of that documentary and I love beyonce.

  9. Not smart? Riiiiiiight....Creating the brand that is Beyonce required intelligence to the max. I heart her!

  10. I watched them both and love her more now

  11. I seriously love her, she can do no wrong! That baby is adorable and I see so much of both of them in her!!

  12. I have always been a big fan! The documentary was great and I enjoyed seeing a different side of her.


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