February 20, 2013

Wittlebee January Box (I'm Late)

I told you guys about Wittlebee, the children's clothing club back in January.  I received my 2nd box almost a month ago!  I know... so late.  I wanted to share with you guys what was in it!  You can also check out my first box HERE.
Cute Tea Collection Bali shirt!

Baby Nay long sleeve top. 

Wittlebee Constellation shirt.  Great teaching fashion!
Two pairs of Wittlebee pants.

Cute little flower headband.  I think Peyton's head is too big for it so I am giving it to one of my friends with a baby girl.

This box was pretty decent, nothing spectacular.  But I will say the value of the Tea Collection and Baby Nay are worth more than the cost of the box.  So to get 5 pieces of clothing for $40 is still a pretty good deal.  I am looking forward to future boxes.  What do you think?  Have you signed up?  Click HERE for more info.

*This is not a sponsored post. 


  1. I thought about doing that but my son is 5 months wearing a 12 month size lol he is so long so it is hard for me to shop for him out of season with all these growth spurts

  2. The little constellation tee is sooo cute!

  3. I got 2 of those same shirts & leggings in my January box (the bali and constellation shirts & blue leggings). I opted not to check off headbands because I was scared of receiving one like the one you got. :O)


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