February 25, 2013

Weekend Style: Transition to Spring

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Did you watch the Oscars?  It was kind of a snooze as usual.  Can you believe this was the last weekend in February!  Like tomorrow it will be Spring!  Since it was the last weekend February and the weather in Atlanta was super nice, I put Peyton in a transition outfit.

Boys Button Down, Target/ Vest, Gap/ Jean's, Joe's/ Pink loafers, H+M

This looks like grown folks feet! LOL!

This baby and this hair!  If you haven't noticed, she hasn't worn her hair down too much lately.  In the words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time for that".  It's a ton of work trying to do her hair every morning and night.  I have been going for styles that will last 3 days or more.  In this picture her hair was just free like the wind!  I was so tired the night before I did not twist if before she went to bed.  Do you have a weekly routine for your child's hair?  Please share?

Are you ready for Spring?  Have you started to transition your style to Spring?


  1. Hey Trina- yes the hair struggle. I do my daughter's hair every morning because it is fine & i dont like her sleeping in the latex bands. But last week she fell asleep 2 days before i could loosen her hair & it didnt look horrible the next day (its getting thicker) so i let her make it. It felt great not having to comb everyday!

  2. Cute, love the last photo. I have no clue what to do with Madison's hair these days other than a pony tail. She has cornrows in right now, courtesy of big sis! Yes, we're totally ready for Spring, transition in process.

  3. I feel you on the hair! That's why I'm practicing braiding like a mad woman these days! I am all for styles that are easy/low maintenance and last for a few days!

  4. Those shoes are soooo cute! And I actually like her hair like that :-)


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