February 27, 2013

Money Ain't a Thing: D+G Kids Spring Collection

For those that have been following me a while remember my series "Money Ain't A Thing"... you know like the Jermain Dupree and Jay Z song!  LOL!  Well I am back with a fabulous update.  The Dolce + Gabbana Kids Spring 2013 collection is off the hook!

Denim Sleeveless Blouse & Fiori Colonna Floral Poplin Skirt

Printed Poplin Short Jumpsuit

I love the D+G ad campaigns!  They always look so family focused!  Too bad you would have to sell your house for the whole family to wear the collection.  But is it bad that I want the kids clothes myself more than the women collection?  


  1. Madison needs that denim top and floral skirt in her closet! I must recreate for a more reasonable price of course.

  2. I'm loving the collection as well. You're right about selling your house in order for the family to get a little taste of D&G. That floral skirt is gorgeous. I need a little girl to dress up. Love the ads.

  3. Wait til it his Nordstrom Rack. I get Jubi's Burberry and gucci stuff from their. She got a burberry trench for $30. Got her Uggs last week for $15. Hit the Neimans, Saks outlet stores too. You dont feel bad. ha


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