December 9, 2012

Weekend Style: Mixing Patterns

These weekends are not long enough!  I hope you guys had a good one!  I am creeping into the Holiday spirit after having an fun dinner Saturday with my girlfriends and our families!  I had to take Peyton's pictures indoors because the dark caught us on Sunday.

 Dress, H+M/ Plaid Shirt, Old Navy/ Ugg Boots/ Coach Bag/ Denim Jacket, Gap/ Tights, Walmart

We decided to mix patterns.  I was just talking to a co-worker about how to mix patterns.  I told her mixing works if you keep the same color scheme and keep one of the patterns low key.
Peyton grabbed her Coach bag that I got her from the bloggers closet sale a few months ago.

 Peyton grabbed her jacket and her baby and she is ready to go!
Just love that smile!

Solange is the queen of pattern mixing!  She is a bit bolder with her pattern mixing than I would go!  The pattern mixing trend is still going strong.  Have you mixed patterns yet?


  1. she is such a boss, so fierce
    Xo Megan,

  2. she looks super cute!!! i'm slowly getting into the mixed patterns but haven't gotten as bold as ms. solange.

  3. That little girl of yours.... she is a DIVA in the cutest way possible!

  4. Adorbs! And with that jacket, purse and baby I am too through!! So cute!

  5. She works it wil! Peyton that is! Yes I love mixing patterns! I can't wait to see her in magazines!


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