December 26, 2012

Christmas Scenes

I hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas!  I ran myself into the ground before Christmas.  I was so beat that I wore sweat pants on Christmas day!  Between helping my mom cook and clean and playing with Peyton there was just no time to get myself together!  Mister said he thought it was cool that I chilled all day.... If you say so Mister...LOL!

Crazy how kids just make Christmas so wonderful!  To see their little faces light up when they open presents makes all the Black Friday and running from store to store all worth it!

Peyton was the cutest little thing leading up to Christmas!  She was so big on giving everyone presents and wrapping them.  I must say she is a pretty good present wrapper!
I think she did a great job!  I handed her the "sticky" tape when she asked for it.  I am glad she likes to do wrap gifts because I sure don't!

Even though I was exhausted  Peyton has a great Christmas!  She had no clue that she would receive gifts for Christmas so she was totally surprised.  We didn't push Santa on her.  I really want her to know the real meaning of Christmas so we never told her Santa was coming.  She also thinks Christmas is all about the Snowman!

How was your Christmas?  Did you rock sweats like me?  Do your kids believe in Santa?

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  1. So cute! Christmas is all about the kids. They make everything worth it.


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