December 5, 2012

Tristin + Tyler Interview Carmelo Anthony!!!

Now I'm JELLO!  The Super Eco twins Tristin and Tyler are at it again!  Not only are they the flyest twin boys on the Planet but they got to go behind the scenes of Carmelo Anthony's Kids Foot Locker commercial shoot!

Mama Tiff.... why didn't you call me to babysit that day?  I would have had them there on time and ready to interview Melo!!!
Hot Dawg!  Melo is phyne!  Can't wait to see the commercials for Kids Foot Locker!  I get all Peyton's cute athletic shoes at Kids Footlocker!

Tristin and Tyler did a great job interviewing Carmelo Anthony!  I would have passed out before it even started! 

Moms with little boys!  You must subscribe to!  These talented little boys have so much style!  Great place to find fashion inspiration for the little men in your life!  


  1. these two are so adorable I am following them now

  2. Thanks for posting, Trina!! You're so supportive of Tristin and Tyler and we appreciate it! THANKS SO MUCH!! MWAH!!

  3. Oh! And next time they have a shoot with someone who is "phyne" I will call you to come to NYC!! :) xoxo

  4. This is super cute! My future kids better be child phenomenons!!! LOL


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