December 20, 2012

My New Verizon Windows Phone!

I am super excited to be going another round with Verizon as an ambassador!  Since I started the program my personal phone has been switched over to Verizon!  *Knocks on wood*  I am happy to say that I have not had to call customer service one time since I made the switch!  This time around I was pumped to receive the new HTC Windows phone on Verizon!

The Windows phone is totally different than an Android or iphone.  When I turned the phone on I got a little intimidated!  So different from what I am used to.  I will not let this phone defeat me! 

Since Peyton takes any phone I have for her, I was happy they included the Otter Box with the Windows phone!  Now I can rest easy when she takes off with my phone!  This thing is a BEAST!  If it stands up to Peyton, it will stand up to anything!

First thing I said when I saw it was that it was cute with it's permanent blue rubberized case!  The phone is very sleek and light!  The phone also includes Beats Audio!   I am excited to check out the difference of the audio with Beats vs normal audio.

I will keep you guys posted with Peyton's and I journey using this new Verizon HTC Windows phone!  Do you have the new Windows phone?

I am a Verizon Wireless Ambassador and they provided me with this phone and service.  Opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I know! I'm a new to Windows phone ambassador, too. We'll figure it out together! :)

  2. You will continue to love Verizon! I've had their service since 2007 and will stay with them until In NYC I can get service in some subway stations. VERY few calls dropped, too.

    The Windows phone is a little Can't wait to see how you make out with it :)


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