December 17, 2012

Weekend Style: Bowling + Bows

I want to send thoughts and prayers for the community of Newton, CT.  My stomach has been in knots since this tragedy happened.  My heart aches for all that have been affected!  I am sure we all held our kids a little tighter this weekend!

Sunday, Mister and I took Peyton to a bowling birthday party.  I didn't know that lil two year olds could even bowl!  Too much cuteness!

Peyton wore her chambray button down (yes again) and sweater from Target with her leopard leggings from Walmart.
She rocked her new statement Bow necklace from Love My Alannah!  More on that soon!  Check out Love My Alannah in the mean time to order some goodies for Christmas asap!

The kids use this little rack to push the balls down.  Peyton was quite the pro!  

Peyton and the birthday boy!  Sweetness!  Peyton had a ball bowling.  I can't stand bowling!  I hope she doesn't ask to go!  Mister will have to take her.

I will be updating you guys on the potty training soon!  Thanks for all the encouragement!  Again please keep the families dealing with this tragedy prayed up!


  1. Who knew two year olds could bowl!?!? How cute!

  2. She is too cute!! Love her little outfit and ponytails :)

    With Love,

  3. She looks adorable!

  4. She is supah stylish - just like her mom. I love her hair in pig tails. Keep up the good work with the training.

  5. What? I love bowling, now I have to find lanes for the Chunks and his fellas. Ms P looks adorable as always, she looks like such a fun girl


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