December 5, 2012

Our Kenya Doll Super Star Experience with Family Dollar

I was super excited that Peyton and I were invited to celebrate the launch of the new Kenya Doll with Family Dollar!  The first Kenya dolls debuted in 1992.  I am about to tell on myself but I never got to enjoy Kenya because I was a teen at that time : ).  Now she is Bizzack with mad style and a crew!  Now available at Family Dollar Stores!

Peyton and I were chauffeured to a mini concert with Kenya and her band!  Yes the new Kenya is in a band called Rock Star Madness!  Kenya has come alive and is played by  by "Hannah Montana" star Shanica Knowles

Kenya (left) and her band-mates brought the kids on stage.  So cute!  Peyton started acting shy and wanted me to go with her... no maam!

After the show we were chauffeured to the next stop, which was a brand new Family Dollar Store in Atlanta!  We enjoyed dinner from Sun in My Belly, previewed the Kenya Doll collection and had a fun shopping experience!

Bob Giles, Divisional VP of Family Dollar talking about the history of the Kenya Doll and why they are bringing them back. 

Peyton had a grand ole time and found tons of toys she wanted to take home!  The prices for toys are unbelievably low at Family Dollar!  I suggest you hit up a Family Dollar to get the most bang for your buck this holiday!

Even though I didn't grow up with a Kenya Doll, I love the message behind it, "Grow Up Proud, Just Like Me!"  So many young girls grow up with self hate issues.  It's really tough when they don't see themselves in any of the toys they play with.  I am happy that the Kenya Doll is back and Peyton can have this experience!  Head over to Kenya's World to check out the full catalog of dolls.  They have the Classic Kenya, Fashion Madness Kenya and My First Kenya for babies!

Check out the official Kenya and the Rock Star Madness band video!

Big thanks for to Family Dollar for giving Peyton and I the Super Star treatment!  Did you have a Kenya Doll when you were younger? Or are you old like me?  LOL!  Kenya will make a great Christmas gift!!!

* Disclosure:  I received a gift from Family Dollar for attending the event.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Looks packed!! Awesome!!

  2. I used to have the classic Kenya! Sweet memories!

  3. I had a Kenya doll :-) Looks like fun!

  4. Omg!!!! I LOVED my Kenya doll! So happy she is back!

  5. Looks like a great time loving it I will have to go check out the store near me soon.

  6. I remember having a Kenya doll. I need to check out the ones at Family Dollar.

  7. I have two for my daughter!!!

  8. Wow looks like fun but couldn't make it! It would have been nice to see you! lol

  9. I had a Kenya doll! (am I showing my age?!)

  10. is the Kenya doll still at family dollar ?

    1. Yes they should have some in stock! You should call first to make sure the stores near you carry Kenya.


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