January 20, 2012

Transition to Spring

I hate to say it but I am a getting a little excited for Spring!  It's already in the stores so you have no choice but to look!  I am trying my best to finish out this winter with out jumping the gun to spring.  I was on H & M and saw some cute little outfits that you can get now to transition into spring.

I know! This is cuteness overload!  A cotton one piece always works.  You can buy T's for the spring time just add a cardigan.
Light colored sweater look spring but will still keep the kids warm.
Add leggings to dresses to wear now.

Cute parka's are awesome. Light weight and will work until summer.
Hoodies are awesome for winter to spring transition.  Again, you can cover up light weight shirts and T's until its warm.  I have been buying up some hoodies for Peyton!

Have you started shopping for Spring?  What did you get?


  1. cute clothes!! Sadly the H&M by my house is adults only. I am ready for some spring shopping!

    I think my computer problems are all worked out. I couldn't even log into blogger yesterday...so frustrating!!

  2. Love your blog. I'm ready for Spring also, it's hard to resist when you see so many bright colors and patterns in the store already. I bought a light trench coat and a few tops already. Bring on the warm weather!

  3. I ready to SHOP for Spring. My son loves clothes and I even started a series about it on my blog. So you will be seeing boys Spring collection soon.

  4. Children's clothes are so cute. It's an addiction..I'm buying lots of hoodies for the spring transition. They work wonderfully!

  5. These kids are too cute! You need to get Peyton in these ads. I scored some button downs on clearance for Jus with the sleeves that roll up and button. I think they are perfect for the transition. I'm looking forward to spring too!

    Less Is More

  6. I am not ready for Spring! I want Nadia to wear more winter clothes first but I'm ready to shop for spring!

  7. I'm a huge hoodie fan for my daughter especially for those spring mornings!

  8. No, I haven't started yet but I'm keeping my eyes open for good sales and unique pieces.

  9. Super duper cute! Can't wait to start shopping for our little one!


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