January 8, 2012

Shopaholic Steals

So I am back to shopping for Peyton.  I felt bad buying clothes for Christmas so now I am about to make up for it.  Here are a few of my recent finds.

I got these beautiful red Mary Jane's from target for $5!

I purchased two Garanimal hoodies in Black and Gray from Walmart for $7 each.  I don't want to buy anymore sweaters since spring will be here before you know it.  Hoodies are a great way to transition into the spring over t-shirts.

I also got this black tutu from Walmart for $5.25!  Peyton normally doesn't wear a lot of black but I was actually looking for a black dress for a project but I thought I could use this instead with a black top.

What has been your recent purchases?

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  1. I love seeing your steals... Makes me want a little girl tho.. I have missed you!! Very excited to catch up!! xo

  2. I love those beautiful red Mary Jane's!
    What adorable shoes!


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