January 26, 2012

Shopaholic Steals: More Target Deals!

Last week I shared with you some great deals I found at Target.  You know I had to go back!  I found even more clearance goodies!

Sesame Street hoodie for $4.  I think it's technically for boys but I will just put a big bow in Peyton's hair to jazz it up.
Picked up these velvet skirts for $1.50 each!!!  She can rock one now and save the other for next fall/winter.
I got these Circo pants for $2.50.  These are great for "play" clothes during the week.

Peyton just needs a few jeans since she had a major growth spurt and all her pants are flooding!  I am going to try and hold out on buying more clothes for Peyton until mid February.  Let's see if I make it!

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  1. i love shopping for deals at Target!! I found some as well this weekend!!

  2. That hoodie is super cute and unisex! Peyton does look like she's getting taller. Most of the time the pants will be longer, the bigger the size. Not sure what size she is in now?

  3. I have to go get Nadia some pants! I like those Circo pants. We love polka dots and stripes!


  4. I love Target's Circo line. Avery wears a ton of it during the week because it's so comfy when she's home with Grandma. Those are some great deals!

  5. LOVE your blog , I love shopping for my son he's 3 1/2
    must follow ya . !

    I like Target for sure.


  6. I want that Sesame hoodie for C so bad! I will be on the hunt for that baby!!

    I hit the motherload these past two weeks! Already stocking up my pile for 4T and 5T

  7. I LOVE that jacket. Might have to hit up Target and see if I can find it for my little man!

  8. Great deals, Trina.

    I'm proud of you.

  9. We totally DO NOT get that low of mark downs here in H-Town!!! Boooo.....I was just in there and the seasame street hoodie was like $10...fo real????? Nah, I'll pass. I liked it though....your sweetie is always stylin!!!!

  10. Love that sesame street hoodie! So cute for your little lady!

  11. Awww these pieces are ALL too cute :) Love that little hoodie, it has a vintage vibe to it...and LOVE cookie monster :) I got a stuffed mini plush toy for xmas from my bff :) She knows me too well!

  12. OMG, my boys would love that Sesame Street hoodie! I think im gonna look for it this weekend in Target!


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