January 13, 2012

Money Aint a Thang: Tights

Spring is not here just yet! Peyton still needs some tights to wear with her dresses. 

How fab would she look in these GG Pattern tights by Gucci?  For "just" $95 she can model these under her Sunday dresses!  I love me some Gucci but $95 for baby tights?  I have a hard time paying $12 at the Gap!

How much do you pay for tights or hose?  I paid $16 for the Assets (Spanx for Target) tights and I heart them! 


  1. $95 is ridiculous but those are adorable. You know Blue Ivy will be sporting them! If they can afford to build a wing for her to deliver her baby, $95 on tights ain't nothing!

  2. Well with a little boy, I dont have to worry about toddler tights..BUT for this mama, I spend a good amount..I buy Spanx for like 30 bucks a pair..BUT I have the same pair for 2 years/seasons and they NEVER run, so I consider it the same as buying multiple pairs of crappy ones that run all the time and have to be replaced.
    Happy Friday.

  3. What??? 95$ for tights? My jeans doesn't even cost me more than 20. I normaly spend 10$ for a good pair. I love calzedonia (an European made), they are not expensive and they last a long time - I have my colourful ones since 2009.

    I don't thing I can justify paying so much money for a pair of tights for Miss AOI who will outgrow them within days. $5 is still a lot, LOL!

  4. Your blog name is adorable.OMG! I love the Gucci pattern on those tights, but yeah the price is ridiculous.

  5. Yeah....riiiiight!!!!! $95 for a babu dress is too much for me. ha! $95 for tights that she will walk out of the house and fall on the sidewalk...not.so.much.

  6. The $16 is a much better deal:-)

  7. I love tights! I love especially the ones with the pattern. Hmmm...I want to work those tights myself. So I guess I will be any price for tights.



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