January 2, 2012

Peyton's New Year Style

Happy New Year!!!!

The holidays are now over!  What do we do?  Does everyone feel like its going to take forever to get back on track? 

Saturday night we headed to church and Sunday we just kinda chilled out.  Peyton wore this to Sunday to kick off the new year.

Peyton is wearing a light blue denim moto jacket from Baby Gap with H&M long sleeve tee.  Jeggings are from Walmart $5 with knee high boots from JC Penny.  Peyton is also sporting a new smile. 

Moto jackets are timeless and work with just about everything!

Back to the smile, this girl is a trip.  Check out her YMCA card Mister took her to get. Too funny!

 I know you can't see that well but she looks like a wild child!

What did you do to bring in the New Year? 


  1. What a beautiful smile and cute outfit. My daughter has that sweater with the hearts on it!

  2. That moto jacket is too cute!! Look at Pwyton changing it up for the new year!

  3. The jacket is adorable! Happy new year!

  4. Happy New Year!!! I am loving baby P's smile!! Too cute!

  5. LOL...our YMCA pics are hilarious too. Love it...she is a doll baby.

  6. OMG---her smile is so precious! Cute outfit :)

  7. Your little one is too cute!!


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