November 12, 2011

I Still Need a Dress: Rent the Runway

Thanks ladies for your kind and supportive words for Mister!  He said for me to tell you all "Thank You!".  Also, thanks for the feed back on the dresses.  Here are the top 3 picks:



Out of these I like the first dress the best.... But... I think it may be made for a "skinny" girl.  I am thinking that the little rosy things will make me look bigger/wider.  Hopefully they have it in the store so I can try it on.  The 2nd place dress, which I love I am starting to think it may be too low cut.  I have some big girls and a tat on my chest.  I would be looking like I am going to the VMAs!

Aisha from Hartlyn Kids suggested Rent the Runway!  Why didn't I think of that!  I already have an account and everything but have never purchased rented.  Basically you can rent designer dresses for close to 10% of the retail price!  Should I be paying $500 for a dress that I am going to probably wear once?  So here are some of my picks from the site.

Chris Benz

David Meister

Ports 1961

Robert Rodriguez Black Label

Yigal Azrouël

This weekend I will be trying on a ton of dresses.  If nothing tickles my fancy I am going to try Rent the Runway!  Time is running out!

Would you rent a dress?

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  1. I love the Ports 1961 dress, due to the retro feel. I also like the Robert Rodriguez Black Label, it looks like something a Greek goddess may wear!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog at Hartlyn Kids!

  2. My friend just told me about rent the runway... such an awesome idea, except I never go anywhere... but That David Meister dress I think might be calling your name!! oh and I will come to GA so we can have an extension party... :)

  3. LOL @ VMA's Hilarious! I Love Love Love the Black Label but I totally understand about the tat(an idea that was so cool/cute when I was 19 has turned into a nightmare on conservative days @ 30) lol. So I think the Yigal Azrouel dress is STUNNING!!!

    And Yes I would totally rent a dress IF I couldn't find one to buy that I absolutely Loved!!

  4. I love the last dress, vintage-modern twist :).

  5. personally i wouldnt rent a dress but that david meister dress is nice. it gets my vote

  6. I like the first one and yes I would rent a dress. and you will look great in any of them! can't wait to see.

  7. I love the ports 1961 it looks like a fun dress. I think you can pull off any of them. Renting a dress I think may be a good idea because I hate buying dresses that sit in my closet after the event.

  8. Love the Robert Rodriguez black label. I didn't know you could rent designer dresses! It's a great idea!

  9. I really like #2 from your original choices.

  10. Love the David Miester and happen to know his dresses fit REALLY well.
    Good luck shopping!
    Personally I wouldn't rent the runway...I like to own what I am wearing and would be so nervous the entire time that I was in it..that I would spill, snag or stain the garment..but all that said I have a few friends who have had great experiences with that site.
    Happy Shopping! Hope you find something fabulous!

  11. That's Ports Dress is hot!! For events like these I would surely rent a dress (but you already knew that)... Most of the time, I don't repeat formal type dresses or I wear them rarely. Just a better option and has worked well for me! Good luck. I hope you get a nice coupon or something!!!

  12. I love that Ports Dress... I've heard about rent the runway but never bothered to look! Great Post!

  13. If you go with Rent the Runway, I am feeling the Robert Rodriguez because it gives me the OLD Hollywood feel. The Ports Dress is nice. So whichever one you chose, you are cute and will look cute in it! Wish Nate and I could go with yall!! Cannot wait to hear about it


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