November 20, 2011

Black Friday!

I Heart Black Friday!  Who doesn't?  I love the rush of trying to get things that I want for an extremely low price!  I don't mind standing in line out in the cold hours before the store opens. 

The ladies in my family and I get a few news papers go thru the ads and make our lists.  Then we work out the logistics for Black Friday and work in teams of two.  Yes it can get that serious!  Now I don't get crazy, I just get what I really feel is a deal.  Some years it's a TV or computer or maybe $2 dvds.

I like to get the papers on Thursday to find out what the deals are but you can find out online.  Tonia at Chatty Momma has information on Walmarts Black Friday deals.  I would like to get the XBox 360 with Kinect!  I want this so I can get my Just Dance on!

It will be $200!  What a steal! 

I am also excited to see what awesome toys I can get for Peyton.  Toys R Us  is going to have some great deals.

Power Wheels ATV it will be on sale for $50!  Mister doesn't want her to have one yet cuz he thinks she is going to drive around the house and tear up everything but $50! Why not!

If you are in the market for  DSLR camera, Target is going to have the Canon EOS Rebel for $479.

You can check out for more deals. 

Do you get out for Black Friday sales?  What is your strategy?  What do you plan on getting?


  1. I am so debating Black Friday this year. It's a family tradition but all the kids in my family (I'm not a mother yet ;]) have outgrown toys so their gifts can be easily purchased online =/


  2. We purchased the Xbox Connect for our tween last year. Just Dance is defiantly on our list this year! I would like to get a Nikon camera also.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. I use to love black Friday sales but since I can't really get to them I don't bother anymore. I do need to get a printer with a fax machine so I may search around for that.

  4. The camera looks so good...the craziness of the day just turns me off...but the online deals I can deal with:-)

  5. I gotta check out Brandsmart!!! Looking for a PS3 and a good deal on a TV.

  6. I've never gone out for Black Friday because I hate a rowdy crowd but this year I need a new TV and I'm thinking about getting that XBox/Kinect for that same reason!! Normally I'm a cyber Monday shopper but I'll try it this year, we'll see

  7. I MIGHT get out there. My stepdaughter wants a digital not that DSLR! So I may brave the Walmart crew to grab her one.

    Other than that I think I a going to chill.


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