November 30, 2011

Hyland's Baby and Children's Health Products

With cold and flu season coming up I thought I would share some information about Hyland's products!  I meet Rachel the Marketing Manager at Blogalicious.  We were sitting next to each other on the first day of Blogalicious.  She gave me a few samples to try.  When I got home I realized all the Hyland's products I was already using!

When I came back from DC, Peyton started to get a diaper rash.  After a few days of using her normal Aveeno diaper rash cream, there were no signs of improvement.  Before I took her to the doctor I decided to try Hyland's Diaper Ointment.  I saw improvement the next day!  Now we use it all the time!

When Peyton got a little summer cold I didn't know what to do.  I know some people say tough it out but I hated seeing Peyton uncomfortable.  I picked this up at Walgreens.  She was able to sleep for at least 4 hours before her nose clogged up again.

When Peyton started teething I purchased the Hyland's Teething Gel.  We don't use it that much but I rubbed some on my gums to see, man my lip was numb so I guess that is good!

From Hyland's: "The active ingredients in Hyland’s homeopathic medicines work by stimulating the most effective healing force known - the body's own natural defenses - and are therefore not heavy or overpowering. The medicines are virtually free of side effects and can be taken by nearly anyone at any time, from infants to the elderly, including anyone taking prescription medications."

They also have a an online community called Healthy Beginnings loaded with a ton of information on to aid in raising healthy babies.  You can also order a free 1st year baby calender!  This calender helps you to keep up with appointments and milestones for your baby.

Do you use Hyland's products?  What are your go to products or remedies for your children?

*Disclosure: I was gifted products from Hyland's to try.  Opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I have never tried Hyland's products.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  2. oh thank you for writing this post! always looking for new awesome baby products!

  3. I will definintley check out Healthy Beginnings to see where theire community looks like. I have the usual go-to medications for my boyz, but always looking to change things around if the products are healthier. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Thanks for the recommendations!!

    And thank you for your sweet comment. :-)

  5. Never heard of them but thanks for introducing me I will have to pick some up!

  6. I will definitely check out your recommendations. My friend's baby has a very sensitive skin. I hope this will help.



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