November 2, 2011

Dem Babies

Did you catch the Mariah and Nick special on Dateline?

I loved me some Mariah since Vision of Love!  Man did I try to hit all the high notes.  I know she has had her ups and downs but I am so happy for her!  Seems like she has had a tough road to getting preg and now she has beautiful twins Monroe and Moroccan!

 Mariah looks beautiful!  I was a hot mess!

 I love these pictures!
 Already rocking it out!
 Watch out!  Diva!  I am positive those are real diamonds!

They are just too adorb!  It looks like the family is doing great and having fun!  What a blessing!  Dem Babies as they are being called have a website where you can keep up with them!

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  1. She looks incredible after just having the twins!! I believe once I get pregnant and give birth, I'm going to be a hot mess! Her kids are just too cute!

  2. I loved seeing this special. I am with you...she had a bumpy road, but seems very content with this role. Plus Nick is too cute. And um, DEM babes...are so PRETTY!!!!! I knew they would be though.

  3. I'm glad they waited and introduced the world to their twins on their own terms instead of selling pics to the highest bidder. Dem Babies are super cute!! LOL

  4. Aww! I love this family. Dem babies are so cute! ;-)

  5. I loved this special! I love Mariah and Nick together and their babies are too beautiful! I can't wait to see these celeb babies grow....


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