April 19, 2011

Swimwear Score and other Finds!

I got up super early on Saturday because Old Navy was having 60% off all swimwear!  It was only from 7-11am!  My crazy butt was there at 7:05!  Here is what I got for Peyton.

Each suit was $4.80!  Can't beat that!  I also grabbed me two suits, a one piece and a bikini!!!  The were about $12 each.  I am still on the fence about them.  They can be used as a back up, so I am still in search for a good Mama suit!

We also found some other great deals last week that I didn't tell you about.

Got these Koala Kids shorts at Babies R Us, they were $6 org. $8!

Got this cute double breasted sweater jacket at the Seed Factory in Atlanta (love this place).  It is Zutano and got it for $15, normally about $50.

Did you hit up the Old Navy Sale?


  1. I love your finds and that yellow polka dot bikini is too adorable! Can't wait to see some summer pics of her in it.

    I went too and got 2 suits for C. Not anywhere as cute as your 2 suits though :(

  2. Too cute!! You did good mama!!!

  3. 7am? Girl, you are dedicated! Definitely worth it. Those dud are adorable.

  4. Great finds, gotta love a bargain!! Your little one is adorable!

  5. That bikini is SO CUTE!! I wish I knew about this sale. :-(

  6. Can't wait to se her in her swim gear!!

  7. I wanted to hit that sale for my trip this week but didn't make it. Cute picks for Baby P!


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