April 1, 2011

That's What Friends are For and Date Night!

Didn't I tell you I have fabulous friends?  Look at some of the stuff my BF gave Peyton!  Several beautiful dresses that her two year old can not wear!

Most still had tags on them!  She also gave us a ton of other items including jeans and summer dresses!  Thanks T!

Mister and I had a date night last Saturday to the Hawks game.
We were chilin in the Georgia Lottery VIP suite!  Now if we could just win!

I rocked these nails to the game.  Fun huh!

How often do you get out with your man for a Date Night?


  1. my friend just gave my hundreds of dollars worth of dresses that her daughter has outgrown, most of them have maybe been worn once. I felt like Christmas morning over here:)

  2. That's so nice! I love all of the dresses. Hubby and I try to have a date night every other week if we can! I love going out!

  3. Hubs and I try to get out at least once a month. We went to the Hawks game a few weeks ago when the Heat were in time. Date nights are such great reminders of what life was like before the children. They are so necessary.

  4. The dresses are adorable. It's so great to have fabulous friends. That was a cool date night and the nails were so cute.


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