April 30, 2011

What Did You Think of This Dress?

The Royal Wedding has finally arrived!  I did not wake up early to watch the wedding, but I was up with Peyton, I caught the highlights later.  Kate wore this Alexander McQueen dress.

Take the poll on what you thought of the dress.

Did you watch the whole wedding Friday morning?


  1. I sure did! I didn't get up at 6am, I did however, DVR it and watched around 8am. I thought it was a beautiful ceremony. They're a beautiful couple! I think her dress was beautiful, not something I would wear but perfect for a Princess! I loved her sister Pippa's dress, also very classy and elegant.

  2. I caught the coverage. I wasnt too fond of the dress but it was good for her! I do love their story!

  3. This couple is just got my attention with a simplicity!!!! In a modern word this is rarely.Her dress was amazing-simple and elegant in the same time.I like her modesty in the way of her clothing ,jewelry that she wearing,and makeup.She is real Princess.God Bless!


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