April 26, 2011


I bought a discount coupon for Shoe Dazzle.  You know, the Shoe Club that Kim Kardashian is supposed to be one of the stylist or buyer or something like that. 

Well I paid $19 for the coupon and it gets you one pair of shoes that are normally $40.  So I signed up and this is what I got.
I know they are extremly funky but for $19 if figure I would get something FUN! I must say the quality is pretty good in person. Can't wait to ROCK!
Someone tried to get their feet in the picture.  I almost stepped on those cute little piggies.

As a member and every month they email your shoe showroom and then you choose a shoe for that month for $40 or you can skip a month and not get billed. I did not intend on getting another pair but I missed the cutoff date to skip a month or cancel, so I got these...


Check out Shoe Dazzle!

Have you tried any of these clubs out there?


  1. I love both pair, but the blue are sooo cute:)

  2. I have always wanted to try ShoeDazzle because I am slighly obsessed with KK. Loving your picks.

  3. I joined shoe dazzle recently. I was curious about the comfort level of the shoes. Thanks for posting. There are other shoe clubs? Do share.

  4. Very cute! I got an email from a similar shoe club, it's called sole society and it's the same deal you purchase a pair of shoes for the month for $49 or you can choose to skip a month. I haven't bought into it just yet!

  5. Cuuute! I am trying to update my shoe game for the summer.

  6. I really love the 2nd pair! Both are cute though. That's a fun club!

  7. Cute shoes. I love the taupe pair. Yes I am a member of Sole Society shoe club! You should check it out!


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