January 31, 2011

Peyton's Weekend Style

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Peyton and I headed out Saturday for the usual.

Since the weather was pretty nice in the A, she decided to wear a puff vest and jeans.  The vest was a gift (same one she wore new years), pink turtle neck, $2 and jeans $3 from Target.

These Nikes were a gift.  How cute are they!  Don't know if you can see the detail but they have little rainbows and strawberries!  Thanks T!

This pic looks pretty old but this is a classic look on Diane Kruger

Sunday Peyton had a social event! Her my BFF baby birthday party at Chuckie Cheese! 

She is wearing and Old Navy corduroy dress $7, cream tights $3 Target, and her tan moccasins (these are about to be too small). 

This is pre-party!  Trust me that hair didn't stay in the little pony tail for long.  More pictures from the party to come.

SJP is sporting the corduroy leggings.


  1. Omg, Peyton is sooooo adorable! She needs to be in a baby ad. She's just too precious. :-) I got your msg on my blog about being featured. Sounds great to me! Email me at thehairgurl@yahoo.com. Enjoy your night!


  2. Peyton is adorable! Your baby girl has fierce style!

  3. Love the side profile shot of Peyton! She looks like a model already with those types of shots!!

  4. Yaaay! Love the ponytails and the Nikes!

  5. Oh holy cuteness! Thanks for always participating! :)


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