January 26, 2011

Money Aint a Thang!

So Peyton's feet have had a growth spurt so its time to buy her some new socks.

How do you like this?
Yeah, they are Burberry!  and they are $20!  I love Burberry but I would not pay $20 for adult socks.  I could buy a pair of Spanx panty hose for $20!  Plus, Peyton hates socks, she pulls them off every chance she gets. We find them all over the place!  If P had these I would pin them to her jeans. She would also have to rock her clear sneakers because these socks would have to be seen!


  1. Those socks are tooo cute!!! I want a pair!! EK

  2. Rhonda Boutte'2/1/11, 1:18 AM

    I say get them and let her take a quick pic in them before she pulls them off! They are too cute!


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