January 27, 2011

Mamanista Maternity Must Haves

When your preggers you don't want to sacrife style just because you need to save for a crib and a stroller.  If you can believe it, I did not go over board shopping for maternity clothes.  Everytime I went to purchase something and kept thinking " I can get something that my baby needs instead".  Here are a few things that I think are must haves when preggers.

Cute flat comfy shoes
Tory Burch flats $195.  I know thats not cheap but you will have them forever and they are really comfortable. You can wear them pretty much all year.

Uggs, $140 are a life saver.  I wore mine all the way till March while preg.  They kept my swollen feet warm and toasty!

Black leggings!  You need to get one for every day of the week!  Any shirt that I had that covered my but, I wore with leggings. I luv the full panel ones.

Soft, long T-shirt.  This shirt is from the Gap, $24.50.  I was one of those preg women that thought I could still sport my old t shirts and ended up looking like a half top.

A few cardigan or shrugs!  Depending on the season select your material.  You do not have to buy maternity cardigans (which tend to be overpriced) and you can wear them long after baby drops.

This wool blend open front cardigan is $30 from Forever 21.

This one is light weight Old Navy maternity shrug for $34.50.

Do your best to find a good pair of comfy jeans.  I was lucky enough  find some at Motherhood for about $20.

Every future mama need a maxi dress! 

I like to call this dress my "Uniform".  This was my go to outfit on the weekend.  I wish I could have worn a dress like this every day to work.
The last thing you should have is a cute scarf.  My chest broke out and my neck turned a different color.  So I had to do my best to cover it up.

These are some basics, but you can jazz them up with some big earrings or long necklace.

What were some of your maternity fashion must haves?

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  1. For some reason, right after I had my son I realized how cute maternity clothes were! I didn't really wear any until the end but the flats, scarves, and Gap jeans were STAPLES in my everyday, great post!


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