January 18, 2011

the Shopaholic is Back!

We are not at a 100% with the shopping but we have been finding some great deals!

I almost forgot about these....
Peyton luvs her hair accessories.  While in the Chi there was a store that had all accessories for $1! These look like the ones that folks on the kiosk are trying to sell for $5 and up. I stocked up on Peyton some hair clips and a few pieces for Mamma.

I finally broke out of the house after the snow storm and headed to Target.  I got these two skirts for $3 each!  They are so cute!  I figure Peyton can wear them now with tights and then in the spring with sandals.

Then  Sunday we hit up H&M!  OMG!  Look what Peyton and I found...

The quality and detail of this dress is awesome!  The shrug is not attached so Peyton can wear it with other outfits.

Isn't this dress too cute?  It was 5 bucks!

How cute are these pants?  The tan ones actually have a gold sheen to them.  HOT!  And the jeans are high waist...  I can't wait for Peyton to rock these.

And this...

Yes, you read right!  $1.  The top is a peasant style shirt and the pants are velvet polka dot harem pants. Trust me, I would have gotten more but it wasn't to much left or Peyton could not fit.

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  1. Those are really great finds - great prices too!


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