May 15, 2014

Stuck on you Personalized Labels + Gifts

Peyton is ready to go see Grandma!  Not sure when because flights are sky high.  But she'll be ready thanks to Stuck on You! Stuck on You is a fabulous destination for personalized labels and gifts for kids.  

Peyton received this totally adorable personalized suitcase and book bag from Stuck on You.  I seriously want to go on a trip just so she can carry it.
The suitcase is not huge but perfect for a weekend with Grandma or slumber parties.  In addition to this super cute luggage, Stuck on You sent Peyton the personalized water bottle.  Kids spring sports are in full effect and having a personalized sports bottle will help your child keep track during activities.  You can rest easy that your child is not drinking out of someone else's bottle. Ew!
Stuck on You specializes in name and clothing labels for kids.  Going back to the kids activities, these labels can help you keep track of their belongings.  If they are going to summer camp, playing t-ball or dance class, you can label everything!  Clothing labels are iron-on, so you don't have to worry about them coming off. 
I never realized how much I need labels until I discovered Stuck on You.  Peyton has lost shoes (thankfully not the nice ones), clothes and toys.  These labels will come in handy as she continues to participate in summer activities and for back to school.  If your child is heading to summer camp or participating in sport, check out Stuck on You (HERE) to check out the variety of personalized gifts and labels.

How do you plan to keep up with your kids items during camps and sports?

*This post was sponsored by Stuck on You.  Thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I love personalized labels. We do need some for her dance shoes as well as a lunchbox and water bottle for back to school. These are super cute. I will check them out.

  2. How cute are these labels! Her suitcase is so cute! Such a Diva! I love it! Makes me want some labels lol

  3. These are tooo cute! I want everything!!!!!

  4. I love this! So smart! Especially with summer camp coming up for kids!

  5. What great pics - love the name Peyton. Juicy Apple Junior Range sure take a nice photo! Love this quote: "I never realized how much I need labels until I discovered Stuck on You."

  6. Decorate your kid's various school items with quality kids school labels and be sure that your kid's items are safe.


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