May 14, 2014

Becoming a Mompreneur Part II

A friend shared a powerful quote with me on Facebook last week that stuck with me.  The picture read "If you don't take risks, you will always work for someone who does" - author unknown.  If that ain't the truth!  I had to get my girl Tasha from Imperfect Concepts to come back and drop some gems about following your dreams and becoming a Mompreneur.  

I'm very thankful that so many of you were touched and inspired by the Becoming a Mompreneur article that I wrote. As mentioned before, your dreams matter and they do not stop because you became a mother. Really hope you sat down for an hour or two with your Starbucks frappe and figured out exactly what you want to do in life to fulfill your dreams. Remember when you live out your dreams you will inspire your kid(s) to achieve their dreams.

Determine Your Business

What are you passionate about? We all know the cliche phrase -- if you could do it for free for the rest of your life what would you do? Are you wanting this business to be a full-time business or just a side income to help fund trips, private education for the kids, clothes and more? Do you want this to just be something you can do when your kids are in school or napping? Determine how and what you want your business to be. You DO NOT have to create a multimillion dollar company. What you are about to create is something that will bring you even more joy.

Business Ideas
  1. Bakery {cupcakes in a jar}
  2. Digital or hard prints
  3. Jewelry
  4. Custom kids clothes
  5. Stationery or cards

Start Up Cost

After you determine if this will be a hobby or a full time gig, it is time to sit down and discuss start up cost for your business. Do you love graphic prints that have cute sayings or spell out kids names? Then starting a business that creates art for nurseries or kids rooms is a perfect match. This is fairly easy to start if have you graphic design skills. If you lack design skills, you can hire a creative off of Fiverr to make the designs for you for as low as $5. Also to note with print design, I would highly suggest doing actual prints for US and Canada residents and doing digital prints for foreign countries. Shipping internationally can be super expensive. Start up budget $500 includes cost of supplies below.

Equipment for Business

With a Graphic Print company you will only need a handful of supplies to launch your business. Here is a supply list to kick off your mompreneur business:
  1. Laptop or computer
  2. Photoshop - Pic Monkey - Gimp - Fiver
  3. Thick GREAT quality stock paper
  4. Printer
  5. Shipping mailers
  6. Blank envelopes to put the print in to ship
  7. Business cards/thank you cards

Getting The Word Out

Word of Mouth is KING of everything in my book. Leverage your friends and family when you first start out, this is how I grew my first business. I went on Facebook and shared what I was going to do. In my first year of business, I read an article that stated to get 10 people that believe in you, then ask those 10 people to share your business with 10 other people. With this, you created 100 customers off trusted word of mouth.

Thanks for allowing me to share these gems with you today. I truly believe as moms you already have really amazing jobs but the dreams you have matter too. I want to help you get there through the advice I share on Imperfect Concepts and one on one coaching with ICB Consults.  Stay tuned for my next article in the Mompreneur series and I will share tips for launching your actual website and using other platforms.  


Great tips Tasha!  If you want more tips and advice from Tasha to help you 
pursue your dreams head over to and


  1. YASSSS to no longer workinbg for someone else!!! I'm not there yet, but I know I am WELL on my way! I feel it in my bones. Great post! Keep em coming!

    1. Lisa i am glad you loved the content! You will get there and I am always here to help with one on one coaching =)

  2. Loving this series!! Great post - thanks for sharing such helpful information!

    1. glad you love this series! I love writing it

  3. GREAT tips, Trina! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Its truly my pleasure to share the tips with Trina's readers. Yall are amazing people

  4. These tips are amazing! I wish I was the type of person who would ask 10 people to share my idea with 10 more people. I am SO SHY about that stuff. But this is really great and might just get me out of my shell enough. Thank you! Fabulous series Trina.

    1. Beth! Start being that person to start asking. It will help you grow in new heights. I know this first hand. Its truly my pleasure to create this series for Trina's readers.

  5. Love this post. Saving it in my favorites :)

    1. Glad you really love this post! Means I am doing a good job!


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