May 10, 2014

Southern Luncheon with #AladdinMason

During Mom 2.0, Nicole from Mom Trends hosted an amazing brunch featuring the new Aladdin Mason collection.  I hosted an Aladdin Mason party at my home a few weeks ago (HERE) but it had nothing on this southern lunch.  I had to share a few photos of the beautiful decor set up by Party Blue Prints using the Aladdin Mason collection.

DIY desert in a jar bar was amazing! 
Making a jar of rub to take home to Mister.
photos via Mom Trends
This southern luncheon was awesome!  I'm still thinking about the incredible fried chicken that Jesus himself made.  The Aladdin Mason collection will make any party a hit.  Guests from my party are still raving about the Aladdin Mason collection.  You can find out more about the Aladdin Mason collection HERE.  Have you hosted any gathering this spring?



  1. This looks like so much fun! I LOVE mason jars. They can be used for EVERYTHING!

  2. LOL!! "The fried chicken that Jesus himself made!!!!!" That DIY dessert set up looks really cool and cute! I have checked out the Aladdin Mason collection but haven't made a purchase just yet.


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