March 6, 2014

Spring Trend: Floral

Spring, where are you?  I'm so over this back and forth weather.  One day I'm wearing a t-shirt and a puff coat the next.  Ugh!  I'm ready to get Spring started.  I've been gravitating towards the floral trend for the Spring.
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That baseball cap is totally mine! I may or may not have ordered those floral heels already.  So many cute items with floral patterns.  If you don't want to wear full floral dresses or pants, you can tie in the trend with your accessories.  You can add floral print scarf, blazer or a tote to rock this trend.  Is rocking florals on your Spring to-do list?


  1. I love florals and I'm so sick of this Winter weather!! I need that skirt and that swimsuit.

  2. Bring it on, love it all!!!!!

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  4. Yes! I'm loving the floral so far!

    Brittany x


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