March 31, 2014

BKids Spring Fashion Show

Last Sunday, I had the honor of hosting the Bloomingdale's Kids spring fashion preview at the the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta.  The Bloomingdale's BKids department is humongous
 and this event was a great way for parents to check out whats hot for the spring.  Peyton participated (kinda) in the show in this preppy chic look.

Before the show Peyton was acting all confident like she was going to kill it for the show.  Well, when it came her turn she didn't want to go so I grabbed her hand while on the mic and walked her down.  At the end of the runway, she let go of my hand and strutted back with her hands on her hips and then said she wanted to go again.  I'm sure she will have other opportunities to redeem herself.  
With all my babies after the show!
All the kids did great and were braver than most of us adults.  They looked totes adorbs in the new arrivals at BKids.  Bloomingdale's has been having some major sales so run in or check online for some fabulous kids clothing.  Now that the weather is finally breaking, is your child ready for spring?


  1. Too cute! There were a ton of kids there you had your work cut out for you. P looks adorable in her preppy chic outfit.

  2. Oh my gracious! All the cuties! :-)

  3. Peyton is adorable! Cute post!


  4. I love me some Peyton! She looks gorge, such a little model. I see the start of a modeling career FO SHO!


  5. Peyton is killing it. Congrats on a great event

  6. Oh my heavens....she is such a cutie pie. I don't know what I would do if i had a girl. Oh wait....I know. Sew. Shop. Sew. that order. LOL


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