July 24, 2012

Stand Up for Family in Rachel Roy

Friday, I attended the American Family Insurance Stand Up for Family Comedy Tour private reception.   Thanks to Bag Ladies Radio that allowed me to attend and represent for them, thanks Erin!  Stand Up for Family is a family friendly comedy tour hosted by actor/ comedian Bill Bellamy.

My girl Lexi joined me for the party!

I finally broke out my Rachel Roy dress that I purchased online about 4 months ago.

These shoes might not "match" my dress but I figured fall is coming soon so I may not have too many more opportunities to wear this incredible shoes from BEBE.

I got this gold braided belt at the Atlanta Apparel Mart.

OK... so the highlight of the night was not just a performance by Grammy nominee, Raheem DeVaughn but the panties that were thrown on the stage while he was singing!   Really!  People still do that?  They hit him dead in the neck!  I lost it!  Got me to thinking what performer would make me want to do that????  Just Mister if he could sing! LOL!  I am hoping they were in their purse and they didn't take them off. LOL!!!  Have you ever witnessed such a thing?

Fun night to say the least!  Thanks to my girl Erin for the invite!  For more information about the American Family Insurance Stand Up For Family Tour check HERE!


  1. I just love Raheem Davaughn. Just I saw a panty throwing incident at the Maxwell concert. He picked them up and sniffed them. OMG. LOL.

  2. Oh My, I have never seen that, or atleast I was not paying it any mind at the moment.

    Mrs. Delightful

  3. The shoes are sick. Your face is beat. Love it!


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you're wearing!

  5. So yes I am dying over that outfit! You are looking so good, and those shoes? They make me so happy, I think everyone needs a pair right?! :) loves...

  6. you look very pretty ...love the outfit !!!

  7. You both look beautiful!!

  8. LOL!!! Girl, I didn't know that people still threw panties on stage! That is hilarious. Looks like a fun event. I LOVE Raheem. I got to see him perform live a few years back. Great Show indeed.

    7eventh Letter

  9. You look Gorge! Love the dress. I didnt know people still did that either, that's hilarious!

  10. You look Gorge! Love the dress. I didnt know people still did that either, that's hilarious!

  11. you look AMAZING!!!!
    You NEED to make a closet on my site (Because I shop too much http://www.bistm.com/) so we can all shop your amazing clothes! xo

  12. Nia/La Femme Chic7/24/12, 6:55 PM

    LOL! Someone really did that?! Hilarious. You look Gorge!!

  13. All I gotta say is that I wish I was there! oh and look cute! I was wondering when you were going to rock those sandals again!

  14. I'm with you. I thought panties on the stage went out with Marvin Gaye!!

    Whether they matched or not the shoes rocked the dress!


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