July 27, 2012

CARA B Naturally Baby Products Review

There are so many different baby skin and hair care products out there.  You don't know which ones are good, safe or worth the money.  I am excited to bring you this review of Cara B Naturally!

Cara B Naturally products are all natural and chemical free!  They are also certified natural by the Natural Products Association. 

I love the packaging of the gift set!  It includes: Shampoo/ Body Wash, Leave-in Conditioner, Moisturizing Hair Mist and Body Lotion.

After trying each one of the products I was very pleased!  The scent of the products great!

Body Products:  I have been using the body wash/ shampoo and body lotion every day on Peyton since I received it.  The body wash does not leave her skin dry like the other major baby wash brands.  The lotion is very moisturizing keeping her skin baby soft!

Hair Products:  Cara B Naturally hair products claim they are formulated for ethically diverse babies and children.  I think this is great!  Peyton came out with a head full of hair and those "other" baby shampoo's were not getting it.  They left her hair dry and hard and had me looking through my hair products to see what I could use on her hair.  Newborns should not have to go through that!  I wish a product like this was around when Peyton was a newborn.  I am sure all my African-American moms can relate!  Sorry for the rant but this is a must have for your new born!

I have used both the Leave-in Conditioner/ Daily Moisturizer and Moisturizing Hair Mist on Peyton's hair.  These product never left any build up or residue in her hair.  Most products leave build up with daily use.  I love the moisturizing mist because I don't have to use water on Peyton's hair when I go to comb it.  

Cara B Naturally can be purchased online at www.mycarab.com or Target and CVS.

Have you tried Cara B Naturally products?  Have you struggled to find hair products for your ethnically diverse babies?

*Disclaimer:  I was sent Cara B Naturally products for review purposes.  Opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm going to have to pick some up. I need to tame Madison's hair!

  2. Nice. The packaging alone makes me want some.

  3. I think I am going to let the boys' hair grow out so this may be a perfect option for me to keep the curls shiny and curly. THANKS GURL!! Can't wait to see u this week! MWAH

  4. Perhaps if I was a better blogger I could become a reviewer. Love it...

  5. Which product do you like best or both Shea Moisture Organic Baby or the Cara B Naturally?

  6. Which product is better or both? Shea Moisture or Cara B? I'm about to have my baby nxt month :)

  7. Which product do you like best or both Shea Moisture Organic Baby or the Cara B Naturally?

  8. I really like both! Shea has more options with the scents on the lotions and wash. If you are having a girl I would suggest getting the Cara B hair milk for moisture. I recommend trying one and then trying the other when you run out.


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