July 18, 2012

DIY: Bling Chucks Taylor's

Thank you guys for all the Birthday wishes for Peyton! 

You guys saw Peyton's Berry Sweet Birthday outfit with the wonderful skirt from Giavanna's Closet and her blinged out Chuck Taylors!  I think every little girl should have a pair of blinged out shoes!  When I decided that I wanted her to have some chucks I checked out Etsy to find a seller only to find out they cost about $80-$100.  No Ma'am!  So the jewelry maker in me set out to make my own.  Pretty easy but just takes time. 

This is the final product.

First buy a pair of Chuck Taylors.  That may have been the hardest part because sizes and colors were unavailable at most stores.  I went to 3 stores before finding the red high top ones.  Got them at Champs for $26.

Then you need to hit up a craft store like Hobby Lobby.  They have 50% off most items during their weekly sales.
You need to buy some crystals.  I did not buy swarovski crystals.  I mean they are going on a shoes.  Just find the most crystal like stones with a flat side in the jewelry section.  I suggest not going bigger then the size 16ss.  If you go with bigger ones you run into spacing issues depending on the size of the shoe.  I purchased 2 packs of 100 pc for $3 each (not on sale that day).

Small tube of crazy glue. $4 for a pack of two.

Needle nose pliers.  If you don't have pliers, tweezers can work but don't use your good brown tweezers.  You will get glue on them.

A full spool of ribbon no more then an inch thick.   This one was 15ft long.  You should pick a ribbon to go with the theme or a different color other then the shoe.  Ribbon was $2.

1.  To start, make sure the kids are sleep and pour you a glass of wine.  

2.  Pretty simple to apply the crystals.  I had the glue in one hand and the studs that I picked up with the pliers or tweezers in they other.  

3.  I dabbed the glue directly on the back/flat side of the crystals.  If you do not line up the crystals where you want them the first time, you have a few seconds to move it into place with the pliers or tweezers before it dries to hard.

4. Start adding the crystals on the perimeter edge of the shoes.  I started right near the black line.  

5.  Keep repeating and then start the second row in between the previous row.  Think of a brick laying pattern.  

6.  Take a few sips of wine and keep it moving.

Grab some packing tape.

I cut two 5ft long pieces of the ribbon for the laces.  Then wrap the ends of the ribbon with tape so you can lace the shoes with ease.

Lace the shoe making sure you keep your patterned side of the ribbon facing up.   When you are done cut the excess ribbon to the desired length.  Use a lighter to sear the ends of the ribbons so they don't fray.  

Voila!  Blinged out Chucks!  Don't they look like Strawberries?  Cost was a total of $38 including the shoes!  Let me know if you have done these before or plan to do some.

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  1. Awesome job!

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. Awe DIY!
    I'm going to try this one day! They came out great! I love the first step! :)

  3. They came out really great I'm having a boy but I may do this as a gift for someone one day. Thanks for sharing

  4. Aww, how cute and divalicious!

  5. Love it! I've been wanting to get my daughter a pair but dont want to spend $100... I may have to give this a shot! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Those are the cutest shoes ever! WOW, lady! You're so crafty!

    Times like these is when I wish I had another kid -- a girl. But only for a second. LOL.

  7. great job!who knew you were so crafty.

  8. Look how crafty you are! Too cute! xo

  9. Awesome!! You did well!!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial.. I will def. be picking up supplies to try this myself :)

  11. You should check 6pm.com they always have converse on sale and way cheaper than most stores!

  12. Love her shoes my daughter is having a tutu's and tennis shoe party for her birthday we may have to try this!

  13. Love it I'm having my 4 year old a Hello Kitty and Zebra print party. I'm so happy i found this because I was about to pay 100.00 for a pair... thx

  14. I am going to try some! Any idea where to buy the converse look alikes? If I offer in my boutique I don't want to spend a lot lol


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